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The ultimate guide to Creating A 5-star Airbnb listing: Setting up a profitable listing

Ever wondered how to Create your Airbnb listing? We'll share with you the basic steps that you can take to maintain that 5-star review and that superhost status on Airbnb: every time!

The ultimate guide to Airbnb Hosting: How to achieve 5 - stars as a superhost Billy's Co
The ultimate guide to Airbnb Hosting: How to achieve 5 - stars as a superhost

We've got you covered! This is where we give you the ultimate guide to Airbnb hosting and how you can get a 5-star review every time. We've listed out guidelines and pro-tips to get you started, to provide an experience to the guests, and to create a profitable Airbnb listing.

| Superhost status

Airbnb implemented the Superhost status in 2016 to reward its loyal hosts with the promise of a higher rank in placement during searches, better booking conversions, a "verified" label to ensure future guests that they will be receiving above and beyond quality during their stay.

This could be true to a certain extent and does help with getting those potential bookings.

Our advice to hosts is to look further than just achieving a status, (which will come in time), and look to establish a listing that provides and caters not only to the guests' needs but to yours as well.

| Setting up your listing

Setting up your Airbnb listing is not rocket science but you will have some work ahead of you

Here are the essentials;

1) Have a complete host profile

Having a complete host profile is essential! A nice profile photo, an about me section that lists all of your interest, and having your identity verified will attract guests as your honesty and interests do attract the right and like-minded people! The traditional Bed & Breakfast is a great way to network and makes new friends. This is a great way for hosts to have returning guests into their homes and have a busy/profitable listing.

2) Have a complete listing

A good way to leverage your Airbnb listing is to complete the listing and include as much information as possible. Remember, Honesty is key! Even though your guest is not necessarily going to read through the description of the listing, it is a safe way for you to settle any potential future disputes with guests (If it ever arises). Airbnb has a great team and resolves disputes on hard evidence and if you have it listed on your listing as a house rule or if the guest is saying that your ad is misleading, The Airbnb resolution team does take into account any written rules as it is a "contract" in the eyes and that the guests have agreed to it when they accept the booking.

3) Photos

Getting a professional real estate photographer to take photos of your listing is a great idea but not essential. Get started today by taking photos with your phones should suffice. Bear in mind that it will not be professional looking for the time being. However, once your listing is up and running, it might be something you should consider in the future.

We'd recommend at least 16 photos of the space, (2-3 different angles of each room and outdoor space). Do your research! Find out what to do and how to take great real estate photos on a budget, we'd recommend looking up, Eric Floberg on youtube.

How to Photograph Interiors with Your Phone


4) Giving your listing a title - Using appropriate Keywords!

On Airbnb, guests can only search for a specific suburb or area that might suit their needs.

A well-researched title, (yes, a bit of research goes a long way) will help with your appearance on search results on search platforms such as Google. It is just as important as the photos on the listing to catch their attention.

To create a catchy title, List a welcoming description, the suburb, and essentials to fill up the 50 Character limit.

An example: "Cosy New Farm Apartment | Parking | long stays | Wifi".

We found that people who are in-between homes would usually just google, "Short term rentals in (.....) ". Airbnb would be the last thing on their minds. It is called search engine optimization or SEO for short. Through algorithms and the right keywords, it will assist your listing to rank higher on search engines, ultimately giving your listing more traffic!

5) Pricing

Firstly, DO NOT rely on Airbnb's pricing and discount recommendations! It may be a great tool, however, we always find that the pricing and discounts are not tailored specifically to your listing. They take into account a similar property with the same amount of bedrooms and bathrooms and that is pretty much it.

Hiring a professional to create a pricing strategy is a good way to start but we found that over time, you will eventually hit a "sweet spot".

Our recommendation would be to decide on a LOW, MID, and HIGH price. Through the research of the area, you'd want to be sitting at a competitive price.

LOW - Off-peak periods, and a short in-between period between two long bookings.

MID - Average pricing for weekdays

HIGH - Pricing for peak periods, weekends, and during popular events

*Underpricing is just as bad as overpricing!

6) Honesty is key!

Be on top of anything that is going on in your listing! Well, as much as possible at least. Your guest would appreciate any quirks or defects that might affect their stay. PLEASE TELL THEM IF THE HOT WATER WILL BE UNAVAILABLE FOR A DAY DUE TO MAINTENANCE IN THE BUILDING. Your honesty is key, if you require to attend to some maintenance during their stay, it is essential that you tell them as soon as you can! With that in mind, the guest can plan ahead and most of the time, they'll be happy to accommodate.

PRO TIP: while attending the property, stock up the essentials again or give them that special bottle of wine that you like. By them enjoying it, they'll get to know your taste in Wine and also appreciate your thoughtfulness. They might leave you a bottle when they leave *wink*

| Summary

Being a host is definitely a journey! Knowing what the end goal or what you want from your listing whilst you are on Airbnb is essential.

It shows on your listing if you have done your due diligence and if you are passionate. A little empathy, accurate and informative communication with guests goes a long way. Getting too caught up with reviews may work against you, through their feedback and experiences, you'll be able to optimize and supply the same returning guests and not to mention future guests the unforgettable experience that they deserve. So be forgiving and action on the reviews and feedback, only if it is reasonable of course.

As with everything, an Airbnb listing will require a lot of TLC and a lot of prior preparation to make it work. Even when it goes live, it needs some tweaks over time to ensure that you are remaining relevant to future guests.

Follow these basic guidelines and pro-tips to get you started!

Honesty, completing your host profile, optimizing your listing, photos that sell, having an appropriate title, and the right pricing strategy is all you need to create your 5-star Airbnb listing.

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