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How to prepare your rental for an end of lease clean to save you money

Is hiring a professional cleaner to get my bond back worth my money? Can I find cleaning services that will not break the bank?

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Hiring cleaners are a lot easier and cheaper than you think!

We all have to go through the process at least once in our rental lives. A property manager requests for a receipt of the professional cleaners you used to clean your home. You usually do an end of lease clean yourself, what difference does it make if they come into the home? How do you prepare for it?

Outsourcing or hiring cleaners is no longer a luxury. It has become a necessity for more and more people due to their busy schedules.

Why should I outsource or hire cleaners?

1. Convenience

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Hiring cleaners will allow you more time for yourselves

Hiring or outsourcing cleaners can allow you to take control of your time. Bond cleaners are specially trained for their extra attention to detail. They are able to clean more efficiently without costing any more of your time or resources.

2. Liability

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Having the right insurance will save you from a lot of headaches

Hiring or outsourcing Professionals with proper experience and tools to do the job is just the first step. Professional cleaners are insured and registered as a cleaning business. But remember, they're only human and tend to miss some spots on a rare occasion. To attend to this, most cleaning companies will offer a free return to the site to rectify any issues. Always keep a lookout for these perks when hiring a cleaner as it will save you the hassle of returning just to dust off a railing!

How do bond cleaning companies charge their services?

Bond cleaners calculate their prices in many ways. Here are just a few;

a. Visiting the site/ property

b. By the number of rooms or per square meter of the property

This would be an estimate or a rough quote as cleaners would not have any idea how long a stain has been there and we can all agree that some stains do require soaking! So it might be better if you would point out any stains or difficult areas prior so that you can avoid any disappointment or "Hidden cost".

When you point out any concerns or particular areas that require more attention, be truthful and honest! Cleaners are not there to judge. They are there for a sole purpose, which is to help you out. The more honest and more information that you can provide them, they will definitely appreciate it! This will, in turn, save you money and time.

How can I save money when hiring a cleaner and what should I expect?

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Do your research and communicate your needs!

First and foremost, just like any form of service, be realistic and understanding. Cleaners are there to clean, not renovate! Expecting a huge bus parked in your front of the property when you return and yelling out together, "MOVE THAT BUS!" ('Extreme makeover'... anyone?), will not be a realistic expectation.

Cleaners are not repairmen. They can't repair any damage that was done by tenants as it is not part of their job scope and liability. They are not qualified or covered to do such work. They are also not exterminators! If you have a problem with mold, rodents, or creepy crawlies, get a professional in to handle it first. A cleaner doesn't deserve to be put at risk.

Our best advice is to communicate with your cleaners! Be very thorough with what you require. If the spot requires a little more time and attention, most experienced cleaners will advise you on the amount of time that they will require and charge you accordingly. Communicate if you did any cleaning beforehand, that might reduce the time needed to complete the clean?

Free time for pastry making
Have more time for your next project!

Let's take oven cleaning for this instance. Most end-of-lease cleaning requires the tenant to return the oven to the same state as before they moved in, if not better. Just by advising your cleaners that you will pre-soak the oven racks the night before (in a tub with a squirt of dishwashing liquid and hot water) they will have an easier task of cleaning the oven. This will save them time and you a lot of money!

Even completing a quick once over with your vacuum the day before the clean will assist the cleaners. Even though they will vacuum it again and mop your hard floors, it will allow the cleaners to spend more time on other areas that require more attention. Hence, saving the cleaners time will save you money!


Moving into your next home without any worries
Move into your next home without any worries

So, is hiring a professional cleaner for your bond clean really worth your money? Yes! A professional cleaner will ensure your time and money are used as efficiently as possible. They provide convenience and are able to front some of the liability for you. But, please remember to communicate every small detail. Your cleaners are people too! Help them help you by ensuring they fully understand the task at hand.

Proper and thorough communication with your cleaners can help you save money!

Moving homes is stressful as it is, hiring or outsourcing end-of-lease cleaners will alleviate that stress and allows you to spend that extra time enjoying the giddy-excitement of a new chapter of your life.

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