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How often should You clean your living room?

Does it seem like you are in a constant battle with the cleanliness of your living space?

A cat has leaped from the top of a grey couch and is frozen mid leap halfway up the wall. The couch is grey with sun shining on the yellow and blue pillows. The area is neat and clean.
Starting up high! Get them cobwebs

We've all been there. We put it off for so long that we end up not wanting to touch any surface or step into any room just to avoid the mess.

You wonder how it got to this point, and where that funky smell is coming from…

In this series, we answer the question: 'how often should I clean my home?'

You should clean it daily. That’s it. That’s our answer. But we don’t mean clean your WHOLE house EVERY day from top to bottom.

So we will break it down into a few different parts: a daily, monthly, and yearly cleaning routine.

What needs a clean every day needs a different routine to things that you can give a deeper clean less often.

Daily Cleaning

As we’ve already mentioned, making your bed, vacuuming, and airing out your rooms should happen every day.

If you haven't already read our article introducing the basics of your cleaning routine, make sure to give it a squiz.

It talks about the importance of regular cleaning and how it affects our mental health. It also lays the foundation for daily cleaning (which take about 5 minutes).

For the final 10 minutes of your daily cleaning schedule, you will choose one room and give it a quick surface clean.

We're now on day three, the living room. Where I know I spend a LOT of my time on my butt. I want to feel comfortable and know the space is free from nasties.

DAY 3: The Living Room

Keeping the living area dust-free is challenging. But, there isn’t really a better option besides cleaning the area more often.

Dust can increase the allergens present in your home and attracts some nasty critters.

Spending that 10 minutes on your third day will ensure you keep your dust levels at a minimum.


A good practice to have is to give any decorations or surfaces a quick wipe down.

Start from the top. Gravity will do the rest.

Starting with your cornices and walls, use the soft-bristled attachment to your vacuum to get rid of any dust. If required, use a ladder and get up there!

Give the cornices and walls a quick wipe. For harder stains on walls, use our homemade sugar soap.

Clean mid-level surfaces, tabletops. Use the soft-bristled dusting attachment to your vacuum to clean surfaces, blinds and skirting boards prior to wiping surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth (Rinse in between wipes).

The old traditional feather dusters will only distribute the dust to another area.

Finish with the floors. Spending 2 - 3 minutes vacuuming or sweeping your living room will collect any dust you’ve just cleaned off of your surfaces and ensure your floor is crumb-free.

(We know you eat dinner in front of the TV, we do too. There is no shame.)

For carpets; follow steps in our "simple carpet maintenance".


Giving your couch a little bit of love once a week can increase the longevity of its cushiness and make it feel more comfortable.

Fluff out the pillows by putting them in the sun for the day. The sun is a great natural deodoriser, will drive away any nasties and increase their fluffiness.

We like the karate chop trick, where you put the pillows down and karate chops the top to make them seem ‘neatly used’.

It's a bit debatable amongst designers but it makes your couch look super cosy! Make sure you have the correct style of pillows though. Camila from Effortless Interiors breaks it down.

Vacuum under the main cushions and seat to ensure any crumbs and hairs are kept at bay. You never know what you might find!


Your living room is often a place where you spend an unnecessary amount of time binging the latest K-Drama. (We recently watched Oh My Venus!: DO IT)

Spending 10 minutes, one day a week to ensure your space is dust (and crumb) free will not only be better off for your health but provide a cosy and clutter-free space.

And just remember, your cleanliness is not a reflection of your success. We still have dusty kickboards and messy cables from our Xbox.

If you can't quite get as far as getting a ladder to reach those corners, don't stress! Be kind to yourself; at least you got out of bed! Be gentle but be firm. You'll get there eventually!

This advice column is part of our 'How often should I clean...' series. We're going through day by day where you should be spending 15 minutes to keep your house tidy and free of clutter. Day four focusses on your bathroom. How can you make sure it stays mess-free? Find out tomorrow!

Is there anywhere else you struggle to keep clean in your house?

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