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How often should you clean your bedroom?

Does it seem like you are in a constant battle with the cleanliness of your bedroom?
A neat bedroom with natural wood floors and a wooden bedframe. Neutral colours with a large banana leaf plant, A dresser stands tidily with a large round mirror above it.
A neat and tidy bedroom makes all the difference

In this series, we answer the question: 'how often should I clean my home?'

You should clean it daily. That’s it. That’s our answer. But we don’t mean clean your WHOLE house EVERY day from top to bottom.

So we will break it down into a few different parts: a daily, monthly, and yearly cleaning routine.

What needs a clean every day needs a different routine to things that you can give a deeper clean less often.

All you really need is 15 minutes each day. Here we're discussing day one of your cleaning schedule's week: the bedroom.

DAY 1: The Bedroom

As we’ve already mentioned, making your bed, vacuuming and airing out your rooms should happen every day.

If you haven't already read our article introducing the basics of your cleaning routine, make sure to check that out.

It talks about the importance of regular cleaning and how it affects our mental health. It also lays the foundation for daily cleaning (which takes about 5 minutes).

For the final 10 minutes of your daily cleaning schedule, you will choose one room and give it a quick surface clean.

At the beginning of your week, we recommend starting with your bedroom space.


After starting with the basics, move onto any laundry (clean and dirty) and sort them out for ease of cleaning later on.

If you don’t have a laundry hamper: GET ONE! Keep dirty clothes off of your floor and in one, neat and tidy place.

If you struggle to fold clothes after they’ve been cleaned, invest in some draws or shelving that hides the lack of organisation. Just as long as they’re off the floor.

Once you’ve got your cleaning routine down pat, you’ll find it a much less daunting task to fold your laundry and keep your clothes neat.


Tidy and clean any surfaces in your room. This could include a dresser, a desk, side tables or just your window shelves. Remove any clutter and try to find a place for them to live.

Once clear, wipe down the surface with a deodorising all-purpose spray. By removing clutter, you’re also allowing your mind to calm and clear itself.


Just like that, 10 minutes dedicated to tidying your bedroom will make all the difference.

By doing this once a week (maybe two if you have fewer rooms) your bedroom will always feel clean and tidy: the perfect space to get a good nights rest.

And just remember, your cleanliness is not a reflection of your success. We still (mainly me) have clothes on the floor and unwashed towels hanging around.

If you can't quite get as far as putting away your clothes, don't stress! Be kind to yourself; at least you got out of bed! Be gentle but be firm. You'll get there eventually!

This advice column is part of our 'How often should I clean...' series. We're going through day by day where you should be spending 10 minutes to keep your house tidy and free of clutter. Next up: the kitchen!

Is there anywhere else you struggle to keep clean in your house?

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