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How often should you clean your bathroom?

Does it seem like you are in a constant battle with the cleanliness of your bathroom?

A clean and tidy bathroom with green pothos hanging inside the shower. The marble tiles give a luxurious feel and the minimal products makes the space look neat and tidy.
A clean bathroom means a clean canvas!

In this series, we answer the question: 'how often should I clean my home?'

You should clean daily. That’s it. That’s our answer. But we don’t mean clean your WHOLE house EVERY day from top to bottom.

So we will break it down into a few different parts: a daily, monthly and yearly cleaning routine.

What needs a clean every day needs a different routine to things that you can give a deeper clean less often.

All you really need is 15 minutes each day. Here we're discussing day four of your cleaning schedule: the bathroom.

Daily Cleaning

As we’ve already mentioned, making your bed, vacuuming and airing out your rooms should happen every day.

If you haven't already read our article introducing the basics of your cleaning routine, make sure to check that out.

It talks about the importance of regular cleaning and how it affects our mental health. It also lays the foundation for daily cleaning (which take about 5 minutes).

For the final 10 minutes of your daily cleaning schedule, you will choose one room and give it a quick surface clean. We've gone through some of the major traffic areas of your home, next up is your bathroom.

Day 4: The Bathroom

Day four is everyone's cringiest day when they first start their new cleaning routine. Bathrooms are synonymous with where we leave our dirtiest selves behind...

Because it’s where we wash and do our business. Without regular cleaning, it can become a great place for mould and other germs to breed and grow.

Fortunately, just spending 10 minutes on day four should keep it neat and tidy for the week to come. There’s not a lot to it, really!


Doing your business is nature’s garbage disposal. It's necessary but still pretty gross to think about.

A clean toilet can be as simple as giving the seat a good wipe. Using our all-purpose spray, spray the seat lid, top and under and the top part of the porcelain throne.

You also want to keep any skid marks from making your mother cringe, so invest in a good natural toilet cleaner (like this one from, and squirt it around the top rim for it to trickle down into the water.

Whilst you let that sit, wipe the seat down with a damp cloth, which you will now dedicate to cleaning your toilet (AND ONLY YOUR TOILET!)

Then, use a toilet scrubber (we use this natural one from to scrub all around the inside of the bowl. Get rid of any stains or marks and rinse the brush in the water to help the toilet cleaner work its magic.

After a good scrub, flush the toilet and rinse the scrubber in the clean water. And that’s it. A simple clean toilet routine!

If you feel the need to use gloves, we recommend buying some reusable ones from Otherwise, just make sure you give your hands a really good wash afterwards.


Whilst it seems a little redundant, your shower can actually accumulate a plethora of germs, scum and mould, even though you seemingly wash it every day.

Start with the soap holder or caddy, give it a good spray and wipe with a damp cloth. Get rid of any soap scum or residue.

Next, give the floor and walls of your shower a quick wipe. We often use the toilet cleaner for this, as it helps get rid of any mould in the grout.

Finally, wipe down your shower screen. This final one may take a little while for it to get as clean as it was when it was new. But simply giving it a wipe will help keep any serious build-up from forming.

If you have a bath, it’s a similar process, just use the toilet cleaner to wipe down the inside of the bath.


Your toiletries and other product collection always seem to get out of hand over time.

Keeping an eye on them and getting rid of out of date or unused items will make your bathroom space feel tidier.

Throw out any products you haven’t used in the past month. If there’s still quite a lot left, post it on a swap meet group that takes used items.

Consider reducing what you use. We have recently reduced our bathroom products by two thirds by going as plastic-free as possible. No more scummy shampoo or face wash bottles. Only a couple of shampoo and conditioner bars.

I also threw out my 5-year-old makeup supply and gave my makeup brushes a deep clean. I can’t believe some of them were originally white!

Your makeup collects old skin and can be pretty grubby if not replaced regularly. I now only have one eyeshadow, a mineral foundation and mascara from

The most important one: put them away!

If you use products every morning, consider developing a neatly organised drawer so you never have to dig through messy piles tubes or brushes. Don’t let yourself leave things on the bench when they have a place somewhere else.

If you still have plastic bottles in the shower, make sure you give them a wipe. This will prevent the soap scum from building a barrier around the edges.


Finally, the sink. A simple spray and wipe won’t always work the first couple of times. The buildup of toothpaste and soap scum will leave a pretty tough residue.

But don't be discouraged, a little elbow grease will take this off in no time.


And there’s day four, a little more ‘on the floor, elbow grease’ kinda cleaning, but should still only take you 10 minutes a week.

Your bathroom is one of those sneaky rooms that easily hides the grime and dirt.

Spending 10 minutes, one day a week to ensure the benches are clean, your products are tidy and the soap scum is not building up too much, you'll be ahead of the rest!

And just remember, your cleanliness is not a reflection of your success. We still have unused face wash and grimy cat shampoo bottles.

If you can't quite get as far as downsizing your product collection, don't stress! Be kind to yourself; at least you got out of bed! Be gentle but be firm. You'll get there eventually!

This advice column is part of our 'How often should I clean...' series. We're going through day by day where you should be spending 10 minutes to keep your house tidy and free of clutter. We're nearly into day 5: laundry day! Stay tuned for a simple routine.

Is there anywhere else you struggle to keep clean in your house?

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