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DIY: How to clean your shower tiles without bleach

Have you ever wondered if there's a better way to clean your shower tiles without bleach?

Can you remove that scum build-up without using bleach cleaners? What about all that mould build-up?

It may seem redundant; an area we use to clean ourselves can get so dirty? And, if we let it go for a while... FILTHY.

The more you look and try to pick it apart, it's obvious that the build-up has been growing without you realising.

I know you want to find that miracle solution, and you might be thinking the only thing that can remove the build-up is using chemicals that could melt your eyebrows off.

What if I told you that you could do all of that with just simple household items? Items that will not cost the environment and will not cost you much at all! All for Under AUD 6!


Before and after picture; from grubby to sparkles

The things you need and how much it cost;

To clean your shower tiles without any bleach cleaners, you'll need some cheap alternatives.

A black BBQ scrubber lies on a wooden surface next to a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide which has a 3% dilution. Behind that is a larger jar of a white, stain removal oxy-cleaner. There is green trees in the background
A scrubber, hydrogen peroxide and an oxy-cleaner

1. 100ml Hydrogen Peroxide - AUD3.99

  • You'll only need 2 teaspoons of it (15ml)!

2. OXY laundry stain remover - AUD1.45/100g

3. BBQ Buddy Cleaning Scrubber - AUD1.98 from Bunnings warehouse

( )

METHOD; how to clean your shower tiles without bleach.

1. Sprinkle the OXY laundry stain remover on floor tiles.

2. Dip BBQ scrubber into a mixture of 1L water + 1 tablespoon of the Oxy laundry stain remover.

3. Use scrubber to spread and wet the OXY laundry stain remover.

4. For tiled walls, Dip BBQ scrubber into the mixture of water + Oxy laundry stain remover and start scrubbing.

5. Leave to sit for 20 Minutes.

6. After 20 Minutes, Dip scrubber in a bucket of water and give the floor a good scrub! This is pretty much the same process you would go through if using a traditional bleach.

We find that the BBQ scrubber does get in the corners well enough. If you do find it hard to get in the corners, use that old cleaning toothbrush!

An arm is reaching into a shower space which has black grout and white subway tiles. The hand is in motion, vigorously scrubbing the floor. There is a visible white sudsy substance on the floor of the shower.
Scrub, Scrub, Scrub, and Scrub!

6. Run the shower and rinse!

(For tiled walls, run the shower head over areas and scrub with BBQ Scrubber - We'd recommend starting from the ground, up)

7. Make a mixture of 500ml water + 3 teaspoons of Hydrogen Peroxide in a spray bottle. Give it a good shake!

8. Spray the mixture on the grout and let it sit for 10 minutes. This will lift and kill any mould or bacteria.

9. Give your shower tiles another good rinse.

10. Use a squeegee or a microfibre towel to drain/ dry the tiles.

Optional step:

11. Use a cheesecloth to get rid of any dust or hair on the clean, and dried surface.

Is the OXY laundry stain remover greywater safe or environmentally friendly?

An Oxy laundry stain remover uses the power of oxygen to loosen tough stains on your clothes which most laundry detergent can't. If you're looking for the perfective alternative to bleach cleaners, this is your best bet!

The next time you are at the shops for your next laundry stain remover, check the labels! Do your research for each ingredient.

We personally source our Oxy Laundry stain remover from our local bulk food store; The source bulk foods

(check them out on;

We reuse our old jars and containers to stock up our pantry and cleaning materials. Not only it is sustainable, but there is also a description of what goes into making these ingredients, Instructions and any disclaimers that may be relevant to you.

So check out your local bulk, scoop and weigh store!

The cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide

An inexpensive way to disinfect not only your minor cuts or wounds but Hydrogen Peroxide is also a great cleaning solution to disinfect your surfaces.

Its strong oxidizing properties not only clean but has the cleaning power to remove molds.

In this application, it is a perfect cleaning tool for your shower tiles without the harsh properties of bleach cleaners.

Be mindful if you're using it on darker coloured grout or tiles. Be sure to not leave and let the solution sit for too long as it may discolor any dark surfaces.

At AUD3.99 for 100ml, a bargain if you'd ask me.


For under $6, it is possible to clean your shower tiles without using bleach. Not only does this method clean, but it also kills, disinfects, and removes all that scum and mould build-up without scratching your tiles!

You'd be surprised at how the cleaning power of the OXY stain remover combined with the hydrogen peroxide makes scrubbing an easy task.

Plus, there are no unwanted fumes and it does not burn your skin when compared to any bleach cleaners out there.

What's your favorite shower cleaning method or routine? Have you ever wondered if there's a better way to clean your shower tiles without bleach?

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