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A naturally derived cleaning ingredient included in multiple of our DIY cleaning products. Perfect for sanitising common surfaces (as seen here in reducing the viability of the flu virus), helping to remove scummy buildup and provide a streak-free shine to windows and mirrors.  

Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

Another 'green' alternative to an otherwise toxic cleaning product, Hydrogen Peroxide is used for our bathroom cleaning products. It acts as a natural disinfectant (which has similar cleaning abilities to bleach), killing mould spores and deterring other bacteria in commonly breeding areas. It is also a perfect general cleaner for streak-free windows, floor cleaners, surface sprays and more. 

Tea Tree Oil

With natural antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties, we use organic tea tree oil in some of our DIY cleaning products. Many studies have found it often out-performs commercial antifungal products. As it can be toxic to ingest, we only use it in areas that require sanitisation. This includes bathrooms, floors and non-kitchen surfaces.

Soap Berry Solution

Soapberries are small berries from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree. They harbour saponins, which make it a naturally occurring and biodegradable surfactant, perfect for cleaning surfaces. Our solution is made from boiling the soapberries, blending the boiled berries into a creme cleanser, and saving the boiled liquid for a range of cleaning purposes. Their capabilities are said to match the abilities of some synthetic surfactants, making it a viable alternative for other detergents and surface cleaners. The Soap Berries we use are from That Red House, who claim their berries are sustainably and organically sourced and grown from small, local communities in Nepal. 

The Source Bulk Foods Rose Geranium Floor Cleaner

"This Rose geranium tile & floor cleaner is perfect for use on tiles and hard surfaces.

The combination of witch hazel and horsetail concentrated extracts together with geranium essential oils, known for their antibacterial & antifungal properties, help keep germs at bay – especially in the bathroom, where they work as a natural disinfectant.

It dissolves away dirt and grime on hard floors leaving them sparkling clean and shiny without a filmy detergent residue.

The heavenly aroma of rose geranium makes cleaning a delight."

The Source Bulk Foods Fragrance-Free Stain Remover & Soaker

"This high-performance, mineral-based stain remover and soaker is made in Australia."

At Billy's we use this cleaner as a boost for any particularly grimy or stained areas. It works wonders on soap scum, marks on walls and greasy kitchens. 

Clove Oil

" We have a great reference from a Brisbane City Council inspector reviewing flooded, smelly, already mould-growing homes.  He advised to keep away from chlorine bleach to clean mould as it only 'bleaches' the colour out and does not kill the mould. "It'll be back in a few weeks," he said. "CLOVE OIL is the best!" " - Biome

We use clove oil in showers and on tiles with grout mould. Whilst it cannot completely remove mould that is embedded into rubber grout, it works wonders on surface mould, actually killing it at the source. 

Interested in how we can clean a whole home using sustainable cleaning solutions? Contact us now, we'd love to hear from you!

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Alette and Din, the Co-founders of Billy's were astounded to see the enormous prices for sustainable services in Brisbane. They knew that being holistically sustainable actually saved them money, time and made their clients so much happier. In comes Billy's Cleaning Co., a cleaning company that goes beyond simply using 'eco' products.

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