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Full and Partial Bond Cleaning

Getting your rental to the standard to suit even the pickiest of property managers is our goal. Using all sustainable products and practices to get there is how we ensure you're happy and your bond is returned.


If you're over the moving process and couldn't dream of cleaning your whole house, leave the leg work to us. A full bond clean is your option for a head to toe deep clean of your home.


The full hog includes general clean as well as stain removal, oven and stove cleaning, scum and mould removal and spot cleaning. 

This does not include certain areas which are considered heavily soiled or requiring a third party or exertive effort to attain the bond standard. 



If you're cool with doing most of the cleaning, you can save yourself a buck or two with our partial bond clean.


We clean the harder areas that you might miss (like shower screens, ovens and stoves) and you finish off with vacuuming, mopping and wiping surfaces down. Saves us time and therefore your money! Perfect for a smaller home or student sized budget.

Check out our advice article, 'How to prepare your rental for an End of Lease Clean'. It breaks down our expectations of you to ensure the clean goes smoothly!

Contact us to discuss your needs and receive a personalised quote!


*Partial bond cleans only have a free 'return to site' for the specified areas requiring cleaning. Specified areas must be communicated with your cleaning team or a full bond clean will be performed.

Starting from


This includes 1 cleaner and free return to site to guarantee bond back

Best Value


This includes 2 cleaners and free return to site to guarantee bond back. 

With two cleaners, you would reduce the total time spent completing the clean and ultimately have better value!

Our Company

Alette and Din, the Co-founders of Billy's were astounded to see the enormous prices for sustainable services in Brisbane. They knew that being holistically sustainable actually saved them money, time and made their clients so much happier. In comes Billy's Cleaning Co., a cleaning company that goes beyond simply using 'eco' products.

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