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The Full Story

Alette and Din, the Co-founders of Billy's, were frustrated at the low quality and increasingly high prices for housekeeping. They knew that being holistically sustainable actually saved them money, time and made their clients so much happier. In comes Billy's Co., a cleaning company that goes beyond simply using 'eco' products.

Alette is a born and bred Aussie, whose travels and studies have impacted her daily life. She saw the severe addiction to plastic in countries like Japan, where a single banana was wrapped in plastic and then handed to the customer in another plastic bag.

She has dedicated her life to living simpler with as small an impact as possible. Her degree in 'Sustainable Enterprise' has driven her desire to share her knowledge with the world. She knows sustainability is the more affordable option, and she wants to prove it.

Din is a Singapore native, who takes pride in his country's vision for sustaining their ever-growing population. Originally aiming to become an aircraft maintenance engineer, Din's experience in airlines opened his eyes to the severe impact the industry has on our world.

Not only the emissions but the direct erosion of local ecosystems from blasé colleagues and the toxic substances they 'disposed' of. Joining Alette, he hopes to spread awareness about the affordability and benefits of choosing a sustainable business. 

Both Alette and Din are renters and have experienced the disappointment of hiring poor cleaners. This sparked the idea that their attention to detail and passion for sustainability could work. With low minimum charges, and alterations to the quote to suit the job on that day, you can feel confident you will only ever pay for the work we actually do.


Who's Billy?

Our little story for our big ideas

Billy? He's Alette's little Nissan Cube.

She named him Billy the Cube when she imported him from Japan in 2017. You'll probably see him around town doing his darndest to transport Alette, Din and their cleaning equipment to keep your spaces clean and clutter-free.

But how is this car sustainable? Shouldn't you be driving a hybrid?

Alas, we would love to own an electric car, but our philosophy is to use what you've got. We also work from home which means we don't commute every day. 

Our favourite quote from the 'Zero Waste Chef': "We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste [or sustainability] perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly."

Repairing and reloving it over and over again is the best way we can do good for our planet. We don't see the point in buying something brand new just for the sake of sustainability (it actually goes against it!).

So, our mascot stays. Give him a wave if you see him!  


So... you're run by a car?

Our team

Not quite. The dynamic duo behind the wheel of Billy's is Alette and Din.