Airbnb Houskeeping and Maintenance

Housekeeping, linen and consumables and more!

Tired of searching for an affordable and reliable housekeeper to maintain your Airbnb?

We provide all services to cater for your Airbnb turnovers.

Our Airbnb Housekeeping services have a team of cleaners who have backgrounds in bond cleaning, commercial and hotel housekeeping. Their attention to detail ensures your next guest feels like they're walking into an untouched home.  

Our Airbnb linen services ensure your guest slips into a freshly made bed of hotel-grade sheets, with luxurious hotel-style towels and linens.

Our management team ensures the housekeepers are keeping an eye out for anything that may need some property maintenance. From simply switching a lightbulb to replacing the vacuum, we can ensure your Airbnb is maintained like new. 

Finally, Billy's has your Airbnb toiletries and consumables restocks under control. With our sustainable Airbnb consumables and products, your guests will have the necessities for the first few days of their stay. 

We truly believe Airbnb Housekeeping and Maintenance is your last line of defence to achieve a 5-star rating. With consistent, high-quality Airbnb housekeeping and property maintenance, you will be able to achieve five stars every time!